Overcomer Package (4 Week Plan)




  • An initial consultation with your RDN to establish medical history, food preferences, and physical goals.
  • 4-week individual customized meal plan based on your personal food preferences and nutritional needs.
  • A Grocery list each week that entails all ingredients needed for the weekly meal plans.
  • A Weight tracker will be emailed to you each week that is kept up with by your Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. This will tell you how much weight you have lost so far, how much weight you have left to lose to reach your goal weight, how much bodyweight % you have lost, your starting and current BMI, and a graph that gives you a visual of your daily progress.
  • Daily accountability via text includes a nutritional tip, fact, or encouragement of the day and access to your Registered Dietitian Nutritionist throughout your days for questions, advice, or further encouragement.
  • A continuation of this package is available for $200/month which includes daily access to your RDN for accountability, education, and encouragement, a weekly weight tracker, and the option to purchase additional menus for $125/menu.


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