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I was very hesitant to start a “dieting” program because I usually don’t like too many “diet” type foods and I had tried several different diets on my own and none of them really seemed to work. I am also not very active between college classes, studying, clinicals, and a job.  Honestly, trying to drop a few pounds seemed impossible to me.

Then I found Strength and Dignity Dietetics! Kassidy really took the time to worked with me in order to make sure that I got to eat the things that I liked, just in moderation.  She is a wonderful teacher and mentor when tackling this new healthy lifestyle journey! She’s always available to help with suggestions about what to eat at restaurants as well, so you don’t have to decline invitations or just stay at home to eat.

I would recommend Kassidy’s dietetic services to anyone!! I was able to lose around 7 pounds in just one month in a way that fit my schedule perfectly! I cannot wait to see what the following months have in store for me with this program. 🙂

Jerrica - KY

My name is Sidney and I am currently a junior in college. I have always lived a very active lifestyle from being on a dance team to becoming a group fitness instructor, but I never knew how to eat correctly. Even though I have always enjoyed exercising, I was never able to lose weight or even feel comfortable with how I looked. When I contacted Kassidy I had set a goal for myself to lose 20 pounds, something I didn’t think I would ever be able to do. After my first phone consultation, I was terrified. I didn’t know if I was ever going to be able to follow such a strict routine, especially since I would be starting classes away from home 2 weeks after. Thankfully, Kassidy assured me that I would be just fine and made me feel very confident in my decision!

The first week of meal prepping was a bit stressful, but with the help of my mom we were able to get everything prepared and can now prepare an entire week’s worth of meals and snacks in just a few hours. I have been able to successfully follow the prepared meal plans both at home and while I am at school. My starting weight was 158 pounds and I reached my goal of 140 pounds in only 8 weeks! I continued with these plans and I am now under my goal weight at 132 pounds!!

I have been able to maintain this weight and I have never been more confident in how I look and feel! I am beyond thankful for Kassidy and all of the tips she has given me and for showing me how to correctly eat even through my busy college schedule.


I am 51 years old and have suffered with obesity for over 13 years. I suffered with low energy, joint pain and depression, most of my family never even knew I was depressed. I could barely walk up stair or complete my house hold chores. I hated to look at myself in the mirror. I felt “fat & ugly”. I have tried every fad diet there is. Adkins, low carbs, counting calories, hcg, weight loss management centers, south beach, weight watchers, Jenny Craig …ect…you name it I’ve done it. There was only one problem. I might lose some weight, but once I was off of the diet, I gain even more back and really quick most of the time. I was also hungry for most of these diets. For the past 13 years we have spent so much on restaurants and fast food and of course the weekend pizzas. One for me and one for my husband.

A few months ago, my husband and I had decided we needed help and our life style had to change. We sought help through Kassidy at Strength and Dignity Dietetics. I have to say I was highly motivated but so fearful of failing once again. My husband said, if this doesn’t work, I’m done, I’m not doing anymore diets. I knew I was going to need to make sure we stuck with this one and listen to exactly what Kassidy tells us.

We did our consultation by skype, this was very informative and we learned a lot. When I received my first week’s menus, at first glance I was overwhelmed and thought, there is no way, I don’t have time to do all of this. I will tell you after the second week, I was a pro and knew exactly how to manage my time in order to get the most prep work done for the week. Kassidy helped me along the way with perfecting my prep work, and grocery shopping. I was spending too much at first, then she showed me how to shop wisely.

I am loving my prep time now and enjoy cooking much healthier meals. My husband and I met our first goal Kassidy helped us set for ourselves. This meant a reward, of course what do most fat people pick for a reward? Our favorite restaurant or food. We went on a date night. Movie and dinner. I was shocked at the movie after I ordered my popcorn and coke zero, my husband ordered water and no popcorn. Wow that is will power, I’m thinking, she said we could cheat! We then went to dinner at red lobster, why am I telling you this? Because we both, looked so forward to the all you could eat shrimp night and those yummy biscuits. Something was different this time though. After eating all we wanted, we both felt so sick. It was then, that we both decided, we had been making ourselves sick all these years. This had to be a life style change that would become a permanent way of thinking. We eat 6 small meals a day, all healthy choices. Now once we make our goal weight, I am not saying I will never have a piece of pizza, but I am saying I will not eat a whole medium pizza again. Kassidy is teaching us so much about healthy eating and helping us to transform our minds about food. I know this is a lengthy testimony, but I hope by me sharing my story, this will help you make a wise decision to take my challenge. Let Kassidy help you for at least one month. My husband lost 30 and I lost 15 in the first month. We both have so much energy and feel great. This has been life changing for me. Thank you Lord for Kassidy and her passion.



After struggling to loose weight for the past year I gave Kassidy at Strength and Dignity Dietetics a chance to teach me what really healthy eating is. Kassidy was very informative and helpful in creating a menu that was full of foods that I liked, she even created the shopping list so there was no guess work for me. Also when I say she created a menu full of foods I liked, I mean FULL. I’m actually eating more than before and still loosing weight. I lost 4 pounds in the first week and I know I can continue this healthy eating lifestyle because it’s not a fad.


I am 54 years old and have suffered with obesity for over 15+ years.

My issues started with low energy, joint pain and could barely walk up stairs or complete my basic routine chores / events. I have tried many of the fad diets, ONLY to GAIN 10 extra pounds after going back to what I called a normal standard eating habit.
Well NO LONGER will this be my story… Thanks to Kassidy –

Kassidy explained things you would think should be common sense like – food nutrition, good and bad fats, portion control, food discipline, eat to live not live to eat, and so much more…

SO, I decided to take it one day at a time and see how this would work…

Kassidy took the time to break down what my issues were with my food choices… and then with items that “I selected and enjoy” began to create a normal menu plan and began to put together a realistic, delicious and fulfilling meal plan that gave me back my energy and I am never hunger… yet I started loosing the excess weight I so desired to loose.

This has been So Simple, Easy, and has given me proven results that I can not only live with but truly enjoy for years to come as a Way of life that makes sense.

Not only did I get meal plans that include the food I enjoy but I am now saving money on my grocery bill 🙂 lol  –  more than I pay for the program every week…

I have lost 60 lbs in the past 5 months the HEALTHY WAY and it is going to stay off as I am eating 5-6 times a day –  small meals and I am always full… why would ANYONE eat a frozen meal or skimp on those other diets ever again!

I still have 100 lbs to go BUT, I am well on my way!

THANK YOU for changing my life!


East Tennessee

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