Accountability Package




*(option only for those who have completed 1 month of the overcomer package)

New studies have found that 73% of people who make a fitness goal will give up before they reach their goal. When you go at a fitness goal alone, it can be easy to talk yourself into giving up. Many clients who have chosen the overcomer package like the menus that they have been given and would like to repeat them for the next month. However, they still want to be a part of a program that gives them accountability, shows them their progress, and helps them to continue on the journey to reaching their fitness goal. With this package, you will repeat the 4 menus that you have already been given through the overcomer package, but you will continue to receive:

  • Daily accountability via text
  • A Weight tracker will be emailed to you each week that is kept up with by your Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. This will tell you how much weight you have lost so far, how much weight you have left to lose to reach your goal weight, how much body weight % you have lost, your starting and current BMI, and a graph that gives you a visual of your daily progress.
  • Text and email with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist available
  • Nutritional tip, fact, or encouragement of the day sent to you via email or text
  • If you get tired of the menus that you are repeating and would like to add an additional menu created by your Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for more variety or to change things up at any time, you can  add as many additional menus as you would like for $50 each.


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